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The Richmond Consumer Freelibrary Broadcast Group is positioned to become the premier on-line consumer interest portal and complaint resolution service provider. Operating autonomously on an international scale and locally with privately labeled strategic partners, CFB champions consumers' rights by establishing direct lines of communication between businesses and consumers to help them both work towards amicably resolving complaints. In addition to our interactive service, we aim to provide our consumers branded communities across 5 content channels (Auto, Electronics, Home, Entertainment, Health) that will focus on issues of importance to consumers. CFB has the unique ability to capitalize on this boundless market and use it's innovative design to address the complaint handling needs of all consumers. Through our strategic partnerships with complimentary web sites and the synergies we have created with our television and radio partners, we are able to reach beyond our competitors and capture a larger share of the target market at a fraction of the cost.

Established with private funding in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CFB is a new media company soon to be recognized as an industry leader in developing innovative sponsorship and commerce relationships that match the desire of marketers to reach targeted consumers in need of relevant information and services.

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