Company Overview

The Richmond Consumer Freelibrary Broadcast Group (CFB) was founded in May 1999 to assist consumers in resolving complaints regarding unsatisfactory products or services. It also enables consumers to share information through bulletin boards where they can post complaints, compliments and comments about their experiences with local and natinoal businesses and with any product or service.

CFB believes today's consumer is more bewildered than ever. Faced with an ever expanding and dizzying array of product choices, confusing and misleading advertisements, defective goods, unreliable services, price-gouging, unhelpful and uninformed salespeople, as well as blatantly fraudulent practices and scams, most consumers don't know where to turn for help.

Technology can change that. By allowing millions of people to share their stories, complaints, compliments and advice, the Internet levels the playing field in the battle between business and the consumer. "Word of mouth" takes on a whole new meaning.

CFB offers consumers the opportunity to become better informed by giving them a place where they can learn from other consumers' problems, mistakes and successes. CFB's complaint bulletin boards and consumer affairs forums make it possible to share and access information about products, services, vendors and service providers from all over the world. CFB believes that most companies do want to resolve consumer complaints, and we can play a vital role in that process by informing the companies and Internet community about the nature of the complaint and the ultimate resolutions.

CFB has partnered with local community media outlets, primarily television stations, to enhance the availability of our services by using the clout of local media to help resolve consumer complaints. This has proven to be highly effective, as it combines the power of two media, television and the Internet, to assist consumers in their attempts to resolve their complaints.

Richmond Consumer Freelibrary Broadcast Group is located in Los Angeles, California. You can reach us by mail at 2183 Pacific Avenue, Suite 1728, Los Angeles, CA, 90173, or via email at

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